Unified Information System of the Social Sphere (UISSS) of Ukraine

The Unified Information System of the Social Sphere (UISSS) is a complex system designed to automate all areas of social support by all institutions of the social sphere within a unified information environment and technological platform.

The solutions and concepts underlying it are based on our more than 20 years of successful experience in automating the processes of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, and have proven their effectiveness in practice:

  • The Unified Social Register (ESR) as the information core of the system: centralized accumulation of complete information on social protection of a person – social status, rights to social support, assigned and actually provided support
  • Unification of technological processes of the social sphere
  • The extraterritorial principle of serving citizens: in territorial communities, via the Internet, including the Diia Portal
  • Maximum transfer of services to electronic form
  • Centralized and automatic payment of social benefits
  • Reengineering of business processes, avoidance of procedures duplication, minimization of the number of documents, automatic verification of submitted information, changes to the regulatory and legal framework
  • The possibility of territorially distributed processing of applications
  • Creation of the Unified electronic archive of the social sphere and introduction of retroconversion technology
  • "Data should go, not people": maximum information exchange with other state resources to reduce the number of submitted documents, as well as for objective verification of information
  • Centralized and operational control over the functioning of the social security system
  • A single technological platform

In total, the system should consist of more than 35 general and applied subsystems.

The general subsystems of the UISSS include, in particular:

  • Unified social register
  • Register of providers and recipients of social services
  • "Electronic budget" subsystem
  • "Social Treasury" subsystem
  • Subsystem for verification of social support recipients
  • Subsystem of interaction of social protection institutions with law enforcement agencies
  • Subsystem of data exchange with subjects of information interaction
  • "Unified social processing" subsystem
  • The Unified monitoring center of the social sphere
  • Analytical subsystem
  • Retroconversion subsystem
  • Remote information subsystem
  • Centralized service of technical support for social protection institutions
  • Legal subsystem
  • Administrative subsystem
  • Subsystem for maintaining directories and registers of general purpose

Applied subsystems should cover all areas of social protection in Ukraine, such as state benefits, rewards and compensations, social services, benefits, pension insurance, including savings, humanitarian aid, social protection of internally displaced persons, low-income families, persons with disabilities, etc.

For the system functioning, a data processing center was built based on the solutions of the Oracle Corporation.

A comprehensive information protection system of the UISSS was also created, which received a state-standard expert opinion.

At present, UIISSS is in the process of active development. In particular, the functional core of the system (administrative subsystem, Unified Social Register, Unified Social Processing, Social Treasury, Electronic budget, information interaction and other general subsystems) was developed and implemented, on the basis of which automation of applied tasks related to the social protection of internally displaced persons, children, persons with disabilities, provision of assistance, social services, etc., is carried out.

Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine
Years of implementation
2021 - 2022
Public Administration
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