Integrated Complex Information System of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (ICIS PFU)

Key employees of Medirent have been automatizing the processes for the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFU) since 1998. Starting with development of an automatized system for personalized accounting of contributions to the mandatory pension insurance to the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

At the moment, company specialists have created an Integrated Complex, which provides automatization for almost all key processes at the PFU.

Medirent is the undisputed leader at the national level, in the field of automation of both public sphere in general and pension insurance in particular. Considering the indisputable advantage of our company in the field of non-state pension insurance, we are a leading developer of information systems at all three levels of the pension system of Ukraine: solidarity, state funded, and non-state components.

The database of the Pension Fund of Ukraine is one of the largest in Ukraine and is key not only in the field of pension provision, but also from the point of view of socio-economic and budgetary processes of the state.

The ICIS at the Pension Fund of Ukraine is a system of national strategic importance, a key tool in the drive for automation of pension provision and many other tasks in the field of social protection for citizens.

Medirent carries out continuous development and upgrading of the system, designing not only the software, but also the corresponding business processes for the Fund. Particular attention is paid to IT infrastructure development for the building of a Complex Information Security System (CISS) for the ICIS PFU.

Company specialists, having unique experience and thorough knowledge of pension provision, are continuously improving technical solutions and business processes for the PFU.

The system is closely integrated to the information exchange structure with other departments (Social Insurance Funds, The State Fiscal Service, Registers of the Ministry of Justice, etc.).

The Register of Insured Persons at the PFU is the most up-to-date and complete register in the field of social protection in Ukraine.

System Scale

  • Total Database Volume (Since 1998): +250 TB
  • Number of Users: 19,000
  • Number of PFU Offices where ICIS Operates: +600
  • Number of Web Portal Users: 10 million.
  • Number of Mobile App Users: 680,000
  • Insured Persons: 43 million Accounting Cards
  • Pensioners: 10.8 million receiving pensions
  • Number of Policyholders: 3 million accounting cards
  • Digitized Pension Cases: 4.5 million (47%)
  • References Received Through the Web Portal (January-June 2022): 3.8 million
  • Electronic Workbooks Submitted for Digitization: 2.4 million (99% processed)
  • Electronic Disability Certificates: 8.7 million.
  • Electronic Pension Certificates generated: 1.1 million.
  • Paper Pension Certificates (since 2003): 12 million.
  • Certificates for Mandatory State Social Insurance (since 2022): 16 million.
  • Hours Operation: 24х7
  • Number of Data Centers: 2
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