Centralized Disability Data Bank

The central data bank on disability issues (CDB) of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, automates the processes of registration and service of persons with disabilities, in accordance with the current legislation and organizational and technical solutions for social protection of this category of the population.

The CDB provides the following tasks:

  • Register Maintenance:
    • Of persons with disabilities, namely: registration data, medical certificates, disability data, individual rehabilitation programs, referrals for providing technical rehabilitation facilities, pre-orders,
    • Applications for providing persons with disabilities; with rehabilitation services, technical facilities, etc.,
    • Homeless Citizens,
    • Prosthetic Industry Enterprises,
    • Rehabilitation Facilities,
    • Territorial Centers,
    • Boarding Schools,
    • Educational Institutions of the Ministry of Social Policy,
    • Social Workers (volunteers),
    • Medical institutions that provide medical certificates, disability data, and individual rehabilitation programs.
  • Maintaining a list of paid and free social services
  • Accounting of contracts for providing persons with disabilities with technical means of rehabilitation and rehabilitation services,
  • Providing persons with disabilities with the following services:
    • Technical means of rehabilitation thru complex and individual prosthetics,
    • Rehabilitation,
    • Transport,
    • Health Resort Vouchers,
    • Telephones,
    • Free car driving,
    • Training services, etc.
  • Accounting for the provision of social services and professional training provided to persons with disabilities,
  • Accounting for the provision of rehabilitation services by institutions of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Health and other central executive authorities, non-governmental organizations, etc.
  • Survey of users on the quality of the technical means of rehabilitation provided,
  • Processing statistical reports,
  • Information interaction with authorities and organizations involved in the social protection of disabled people, by …
    • Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine,
    • Pension Fund of Ukraine,
    • Ukrzaliznytsia for verifying rights of persons with disabilities to preferential railway tickets,
    • Social Protection Fund for Disabled People, etc.
  • Generating reports
  • Maintaining reference books and bases of CBD users

CDB - is a centralized system that consists of:

  • A unified central database
  • Local client workplaces of employees of the Ministry of Social Policy and branches of the Social Protection Fund for disabled people,
  • Remote web users throughout Ukraine,
  • Specialists for the Social Protection Fund for disabled people, employees of enterprises providing technical products for rehabilitation; medical institutions for entering medical data (medical certificates, disability data, individual rehabilitation programs), employees of rehabilitation institutions, etc.

Also, electronic files for persons with disability have been created and implemented (https://ek-cbi.msp.gov.ua), which provide for:

  • Access of citizens to their electronic files by a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)
  • Persons registered in the CDB are given the opportunity to submit applications for technical means of rehabilitation (TMR)
  • Persons who are absent from the CDB are given the opportunity to apply for initial registration in the CDB
  • Ability to send results on applications for provision of TMR to the electronic files of persons with disabilities,
  • Access to interactive TMR catalogs with advanced filters,
  • Ability to send messages from the CDB to an email address; for events that need to be reported to a person with a disabilities,
  • Surveying persons with disabilities on the quality of technical and other rehabilitation services provided, etc.

System Scale:

  • Users: +3,500
  • Registered in the System: +2.4 million.
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