PFU Electronic Services Web Portal

The Pension Fund of Ukraine electronic services portal is one of the most popular state web resources that promotes the expansion of e-governance (eGovernment).

It exercises a wide range of functionalities: from receiving certificates to submitting applications for a pension, that allow users to interact with the Pension Fund remotely.

The PFU web portal provides more than 40 electronic services to the following categories of users.

  • Citizens:
    • Insured Individuals
    • Pensioners
  • Policyholders
  • Banking Institutions
  • Representatives of Other State Institutions

Separate personal accounts have been developed for each user category which provide access rights to available functionalities.

The information security system offers 6 ways to log in to the Web Portal; the main being qualified electronic signature (KEP), Integrated electronic identification system ID.GOV.UA and Diia.Pidpys.

The Web Portal provides:

  • Viewing information and contact details of PFU entities
  • Viewing reports based on the Electronic Register for disability certificates (ERDC)
  • Search for disability certificates by its number and obtain non-personalized information on the disability certificate
  • Verification of electronic documents issued by the PFU
  • Quality evaluation of PFU work

Citizens are given the opportunity to:

  • View personal information available at the PFU site including:
    • User's personal data
    • Insurance experience
    • Salaries
    • Pension data (for pensioners)
    • Requests submitted to PFU and their processing status
    • Documents generated from applying to the PFU
    • Messages sent from PFU
    • Electronic Employment Record Data (ETK)
    • Disability Certificates
  • Submissions of documents to PFU that are not related to pension assignment issues:
    • Application for remote information
    • Requests for electronic documents
    • Application form for changes in personal data at the Register of Insured Persons (RZO)
    • Employment Status Information
    • Requests: questions, suggestions, petitions, complaints, paper documents, etc.
    • Appointments at the PFU
  • Submission of requests to PFU, related to pension assignment issues:
    • Application for pension (4 types)
    • Application for pension recalculations (for pensioners)
    • Request for changes to the pension file (for pensioners - 5 types)
    • Application for lost pension
    • Application for supplementary pension assignment in connection with additional documents provided
    • Application for electronic pension certificates
    • Application for paper pension certificates
  • Forecast pension calculations using the personal data of the individual accumulated at the PFU.

Policyholders can:

  • View Information Available at the PFU:
    • General information on policy holders including data reports
    • Requests submitted to PFU and their processing status
    • Documents generated by applying to the PFU
    • Messages from PFU
    • The policyholder's data in the report
    • Disability Certificates
    • Employment Status Information
    • List of HR department staff allowed to work on the policyholder's personal account on the web portal, with the possibility of additions to the list
  • Submission of Documents to the PFU:
    • Request for electronic documents
    • Information about employment status/history for employees of the policyholder
    • Requests: questions, suggestions, petitions, complaints and more…
    • Request for paper documents
    • Appointments as the PFU.

Specialists of banking institutions are given the opportunity to carry out operations to ensure pension payments.

Representatives of government agencies can make requests according to the powers granted.

The PFU web portal is used by more than 10 million citizens of Ukraine.

The popularity of the resource is confirmed by metrics of its use.

Overview of the First Half of 2022 show:

  • QR Code Certificates Generated: 3.8 Million.
  • Applications submitted for pensions: 33,800.
  • Applications submitted for pension recalculation: 11,800
  • User applications submitted for entering/changing/clarifying data in the Register of Insured Persons: 14,700.
  • Electronic Requests Registered: + 57,000.
  • Paper Documents Requested: 1,600.
  • Appointments Made: 1,200.

Given the importance achieved by the PFU web portal, it has received broad coverages by several mass media and Internet publications.

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