Register of Insured Persons (RZO): Employees, Pensioners, Social Benefits Recipients

The Register of insured persons (RZO PFU) is a functional application subsystem of the Integrated Complex Information System of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (ICIS PFU), one of the main state registers of Ukraine.

RZO has multi-factor complex information which categorizes a person's condition in the state pension insurance system, as well as in the social protection system:

  • Basic personal (identification) data of the insured person
  • Category of insured person (Employee, Individual Entrepreneur, Self-employed, Pensioner, Unemployed, Social Benefits Recipient...)
  • Data on the acquired insurance experience by the insured person
  • Information on period of employment
  • Information on accrued salary (income) of the insured person for calculating insurance payments and experience
  • Information on special working conditions that entitle benefits in pension provision and mandatory state social insurance
  • Amount in voluntary contributions stipulated in the voluntary participation agreement
  • Information on additional payments to the minimum insurance premium, in accordance with Article 24 of the Law of Ukraine "On Mandatory State Pension Insurance"
  • Electronic Pension Data
  • Information on other services of the mandatory state social insurance
  • Electronic Employment Records
  • Electronic Register of Disability Certificates
  • Data on documents issued by the Pension Fund of Ukraine (Certificate of Mandatory State Social Insurance, Electronic or Paper Pension Certificates, etc.)
  • Digitized documents of the beneficiaries submitted to the PFU (Verification Certified)

RZO is used in all pension insurance and most social security processes in Ukraine.

RZO is a key data source for government agencies in support of the drive towards interoperability of State Information Resources.

Since 2004, the Register has gathered information on 40 million account holders, including over 12 million pensioners.

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