Customer: National Bank of Ukraine
Industry: Banking & Finance

The customer was provided with a System of personalized accounting for the administrator of non-state pension funds "Atlas SPO Extended".

During the process implementation the following services were provided:

  • Installation of the system software,
  • System configuration for customer processes (customization),
  • User training.

Medirent has also developed and implemented a Web portal for Non-State Pension Funds of the National Bank of Ukraine.

The web portal of Non-State Pension Funds (NPF) of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) is designed to automate the processes of interaction between NPF participants and NPF administrators (NPFA).

The web portal consists of two subsystems: an external Web portal intended for NPF participants, and an internal Web portal intended for NPFA users.

The NBU NPF web portal has implemented:

  • External Subsystem:
    • Initial registration on the NBU NPF Web portal,
    • Participant's authentication on the web portal by Qualified Electronic Signature (QEP) or Username and Password after registration in the Personalized Accounting System (PAS),
    • Individual pension account statements for the period,
    • Individual retirement account balance,
    • Graphic information on crediting funds to an individual pension account,
    • Graphic information on debiting funds from an individual pension account,
    • Payment of pension contributions (using the API),
    • Electronic document management of NPF participants by submitting personalized accounting documents such as:
      • Application for determining retirement age,
      • Application for a lump sum payment,
      • Contract for pension payment for a specific period,
      • Application for changing personal data,
      • Application for changing bank information,
      • Application for closing an individual pension contract,
      • Application form for a newly accepted NPF participant,
      • Statement of receipt by NPF participants and NPF depositors of accompanying documents to the pension contract,
      • Questionnaire of individual clients.
  • Internal Subsystem (Administrative):
    • Viewing and processing of documents (all types) presented by NPF participants through an external Web Portal: Registration of documents or refusal of registration. QES signature of its NFP when registering a document,
    • Electronic document management with the ASCOD system for registering documents and analyzing their processing state.