Medirent electronic archive systems are designed for organizing digital document storage and the ability for other corporate systems and users; to interact with them in accordance with granted rights. Our electronic archives provide access to the following features:
  • Respect for the integrity and confidentiality of information,
  • User authorization,
  • System administration,
  • View document storage types,
  • Granting of rights to use repositories,
  • Distribution of access rights to repositories between users,
  • Maintaining a repository directory,
  • Statistics on filling repositories, volumes, and sections,
  • Defining rules for archiving, deleting, and moving files,
  • Audit of user actions, etc.

The introduction of an electronic archive leads to significant savings in the purchase of high-speed data warehouses, and allows for managing and optimizing the storage of huge amounts of data.

Completed Projects:

PFU Electronic Archives Pension Fund of Ukraine
PFU Pension File Retroconversion System Pension Fund of Ukraine