Electronic Document Management and Monitoring of PFU Implementation

Electronic document flow and control of the implementation of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFU) are implemented based on the subsystem of the Integrated Complex Information System of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (ICIS PFU) "Centralized Automated system for document flow of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (ASEDO)".

Software for electronic document flow and implementation control ensures the automation of the electronic documents life cycle processes, monitoring and executive discipline control, group document processing, as well as their exchange both within a multilevel corporate structure and with other organizations.

The main functions of the software complex:

  • Accounting of the organization document circulation volume
  • Document registration:
    • Income documents
    • Citizens' appeals
    • Internal documents
    • Outcome documents
  • Conducting the transfer of documents and determining their executors
  • Electronic resolution support
  • Limitation of access to documents
  • Support for communication between documents
  • Keeping dispatch registers
  • Archival management
  • Preparation of electronic documents projects
  • Support for qualified electronic signature
  • Signing and approval of draft electronic documents
  • Signing draft electronic documents
  • Maintenance of electronic project versions of documents and separate attachments
  • QR code generation
  • Information and reference work with electronic documents
  • Statistical and analytical reports formation
  • Search documents by attributes

The following registers are used to organize the exchange of electronic documents through the System of Electronic Interaction of Executive Authorities (SEI EE):

  • Outcoming SEI EE
  • Incoming SEI EE

Registers used to exchange document within the PFU structure:

  • Outcoming of the territorial bodies
  • Incoming of the territorial bodies

The centralized solution for electronic document flow and implementation control connects in a unified information space all PFU authorities and is one of the largest solutions of this class in state bodies of Ukraine.

Pension Fund of Ukraine
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2018 - 2022
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