PFU Accounting system

The software package for Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFU) accounting reports is one of the most implemented centralized accounting solutions in the public sector of Ukraine.

The system is developed based on ALFA.ACCOUNTING, which is part of a comprehensive solution for enterprise and organizational automation (including state ones) "«ALFA.PRO".

One system exemplar provides a modern and multifunctional automation level of accounting transactions for all PFU regional offices and the central office, which consists of, for example, more than 20 thousand personnel, for whom salary calculation is carried out.

The accounting is carried out under Ukrainian legislation considering the specifics of state institutions.

The centralized system architecture allows using single accounting rules for all PFU bodies, the exercise of control by higher organizational links of subordinate units, and the aggregation of all information at the central level.

The system ensures the financial and economic transactions accounting:

  • planning and keeping records of PFU outgo on administrative activities
  • accounting of goods and material values (GMV), low-values high-wear items (LHI), services, assets, capital investments, and intangible assets
  • payroll management accounting
  • accounting of settlements with counterparties
  • compilation of regulated, accounting, statistical and other reports

The functional module of funds accounting provides:

  • budgeting and fund allocation (both for each structural and consolidated unit)
  • legal and financial obligations registration
  • the accounting of transactions for operating, registration (treasury), and other accounts and cash registers in different currencies
  • registration of primary cash documents
  • export of payment orders for system "Client-Bank" or hardware and software complex "Treasury Client - Treasury"
  • import of bank statements generated in "Client-Bank" system or hardware and software complex "Treasury Client - Treasury"
  • formation of a cashbook, insert sheet of a cashbook
  • advance reports registration
  • keeping records of settlements with accountable persons of the institution
  • generation and export of payment information for disbursement of designated expenses for the "Client-Bank" system
  • keeping a record of analytical accounting information
  • accounting of cash and actual expenses

It is possible to keep a report of payments and taxes to the budget:

  • Tax calculations
  • Tax payments
  • Single social security tax payment
  • Military duty payment

The functional module of accounting of settlements with counterparties ensures:

  • maintenance of reports, export of reports to the "E-data" system
  • accounting of payments with suppliers, buyers, contractors, and customers in terms of primary documents
  • compilation of information on settlements with counterparties in national and foreign currencies, advances, and execution of currency revaluation
  • formation of summary statement of settlements with counterparties, inventory reports of settlements with counterparties for any given period
  • contract registers formation
  • obtainment of certificates of contract execution

The functional accounting module of GMV and LHI provides:

  • keeping a record of receipts, movements, writing-off, assembly and disassembly of GMV and LHI, centralized transfer/return, service implementation
  • drawing up costing
  • conducting an inventory, revaluation
  • keeping a record of combustive-lubricating materials
  • formation of transaction books on GMV
  • formation and printing of reports in terms of materially responsible persons, storage locations, and types of stocks:
    • GMV movement
    • remains of GMV
    • protocol of the inventory commission
    • register of travel documents
    • other reports

The accounting is carried out in terms of materially responsible persons and GMV (LHI) locations, sources of finance, as well as settlements with counterparties and accountable persons.

The functional module for accounting of fixed assets, intangible assets, and capital investments provides:

  • maintaining an inventory file of fixed assets
  • keeping records of receipts, placement into service, amortization, internal movement of the fixed assets, centralized transfer/return, and liquidation
  • implementation of revaluation and indexation of fixed assets
  • accountancy for assembly and disassembly of fixed assets
  • accountancy for repairs and modernization of fixed assets
  • keeping records of capital investments
  • formation of a book for assets transactions
  • formation and printing of reports in terms of materially responsible persons, storage locations, and accounting groups:
    • assets movement
    • asset balances
    • amortization calculation
    • summary statement
    • protocol of the inventory commission
    • other reports

The accountancy is carried out in terms of materially responsible persons and locations.

The system allows for adjustment of the terms of usage, groups of fixed assets and low-value intangible assets, and amortization methods for each FA and LVIA separately.

The functional module for accountancy of payroll management provides:

  • maintenance of directories for accruals, outlays, groups and elements of salary calculations, time activities without quantity restrictions, salary calculation constant in a historical context
  • the setting of inclusions/exclusions of elements in the salary calculations without programming
  • data import from other accounting systems with data consistency control
  • accountancy of accruals and charges, material assistance, allowances and surcharges, bonuses, indexation, payments
  • calculation of wages, advances, off-cycle payments, settlements under civil law contracts
  • formation and export of payment information for "Client-bank" systems
  • formation of salary reporting under the current legislation of Ukraine, including:
    • calculation sheet
    • payroll
    • employee's personal account
    • minutes of the social insurance commission meeting
    • application-calculation on letters of temporary disability
  • formation of additional analytical reports:
    • summarized settlement payments statement
    • monthly settlement payments statement
    • archival information
    • report on the list of employee transactions
    • balance by funding sources
    • certificates on accrual and retention of employees
    • certificates for premium calculations
    • reference on counterparties (PIT, trade union contributions)
    • other reports

Information obtained from the personnel management system of the PFU is used to record payroll calculations and accountable persons.

It is possible to adjust calculation rules and maximum amounts for every type of accrual or charge, as well as to include in the calculations different types of average salary (for vacation, sick leave, etc.). Such adjustments are used mainly by the chief accountant of the PFU central office to introduce changes quickly under the current legislation of Ukraine or create new ways of accruals and charges.

The functional module "General accounting reports" ensures:

  • formation of all standard forms of accounting reports, including:
    • turnover balance sheet
    • turnover balance sheet, with the possibility to access the primary document
    • account card
    • general ledger
    • cards of analytical accounting
    • memorial orders
  • financial statements accounting:
    • 1-ds "Balance" form
    • 2-ds "Report on financial results" form
    • 3-ds "Report on cash resources movements" form
    • 4-ds "Report on owner's equity" form
    • "Notes to the annual financial reporting" form

The functional module for generating regulated reporting ensures:

  • receipt of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting forms:
    • Report on the receipt and usage of general fund monetary means (form No. 2d, No.2m)
    • Report on the receipt and usage of special fund monetary means (form No. 4-3d, No.4-3m)
    • Report on the receipt and usage of monetary means received as a fee for services; (form No. 4-1d, No. 4-1m)
    • Report on receipt and usage received from other sources (form No. 4-2d, No. 4-2m)
    • Report on indebtedness for budget means (form No. 7d, No. 7m)
  • the following reporting on employees:
    • 1DF
    • D4 Report from the Single Social Security Tax
    • Combined report of the Single Social Security Tax and the Personal Income Tax Office
    • Combined report of the Single Social Security Tax and the Personal Income Tax Office (referential)
    • 1-PV Labor report, including quarterly
    • D1 Application in social insurance

Combined reports of the Single Social Security Tax and the Personal Income Tax Office are generated in the form of files for uploading to the "M.E.Doc" system.

The system allows generating the consolidated report.

The system provides maintenance of both system-wide directories (accounting entries, groups, and salary elements), and directories for each structural division separately (occupational calendar).

Access to the system functions is provided according to the role assigned to the user.

The system includes a subsystem of flexible settings, which ensures timely system adjustment by the chief accountant of the PFU central office without the intervention of the developer during changes in Ukrainian legislation.

The PFU accounting system is closely related to the Integrated complex information system of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (ICIS PFU) and constantly exchanges data with it.

During the project realization, effective migration technology for a new accounting system was implemented. It provided for:

  • Deployment of the system core on the customer's hardware and software complex
  • Adjustment of procedures, unified accounting rules, and directories
  • Data migration from existing systems, including "1S", "IS-PRO" and "Parus"
  • Control of data consistency, consolidation, and bringing data to the unified state in the migration process
  • Execution of the pilot project to work out all the implementation details
  • Mass remote training of users, including inline seminars, video instructions, detailed instructions on individual accounting issues, individual consultations, etc.
  • Implementation in all PFU bodies throughout the territory of Ukraine (central office, more than 40 regional and local level bodies
  • Permanent centralized monitoring of the implementation processes and user work
  • Research and industrial operation with parallel accounting, comparison of results in old and new systems
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