Analytical system (BI) PFU

The analytics system (based on Oracle BI platform) is a functional application subsystem of the Integrated Complex Information System of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (ICIS PFU).

The subsystem was created to solve the business analytics problems of the PFU using the Oracle Business Intelligence platform (Oracle BI).

Since PFU databases contain a large set of information about every working or retired person of Ukraine since 2004, and are updated daily, such a resource is an extremely valuable source for analytical processing on a national scale.

The PFU analytics system includes the following tools for monitoring and analyzing the pension provision of Ukraine:

  • Key indicators in the quantitative and/or monetary terms, dynamics, % of deviation from planned indicators
  • Dynamic reports and graphical representations, histograms, charts, tables, interactive navigation and drill-down tools
  • Spatial (geographical) data, administrative-territorial division of Ukraine, regional subdivisions of the PFU and social protection bodies, demographic data and pension statistics by region
  • Statistic reports saved for the previous periods, construction by schedules and events, distribution (delivery) to addresses

In addition, the functionality of operational monitoring and control, analysis and reporting of the automated workplace of the manager (AWP of the manager) was created with functionality according to the following indicators:

  • Regarding the appeals implementation, as well as other operations that are carried out by the specialists in working with citizens that appeal to the Pension Fund bodies
  • Regarding the document flow and tasks processing control
  • Regarding salary assignment and payment
  • Regarding the formation of the need for pension payment
  • Regarding the state of financing and pension payment
  • And other indicators necessary for the analysis by the head of PFU

Given the wide range of available information, PFU databases are also used for a wider range of analytical tasks in the national context, in particular, regarding the entire system of social protection, demographic, economic issues, predictive calculations, etc.

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