150 TB of data: electronic archive for the PFU

We continue to talk about our projects in the field of creating large information systems for public administration.

The Central Electronic Archive (CEA) is a project for the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

CEA is a subsystem of the Integrated Complex Information System of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (ICIS PFU). The system is designed to accumulate, and provide long-term storage and access to electronic documents of the pension system of Ukraine. In simple words, this is an innovative system that for the fifth year in a row allows you to store a huge amount of data related to the work of PFU. Imagine that this is more than 150 TB!

What exactly can you find in CEA?

  • scanned copies of primary documents with which citizens come to the reception of PFU bodies, or which are submitted through Web portal electronic services;
  • electronic documents created during the functioning of ICIS PFU (references, extracts, reports...);
  • are translated into electronic form paper documents of pension files digitized in the process of functioning of the PFC retroconversion system.

CEA has made some important improvements in the functioning of the pension system in Ukraine:

  • transition to paperless technologies (PaperLess);
  • gradual abandonment of the huge paper archives of pension affairs;
  • minimization of risks and problems associated with paper archives: loss of documents, leaks of personal data, significant time spent working with paper copies of documents, the need to send pension files when a pensioner changes his place of residence;
  • ensuring the extraterritorial principle of servicing citizens (pension business is available anywhere in Ukraine).

CEA is an example of the use of modern technologies to improve the work of government agencies and provide better services to the citizens of Ukraine.