Electronic case management and UISSS

Let us relate modern technologies and efficient management tools to the unique chain – the electronic case management and the Unified Information System of the Social Sphere (UISSS). We will get an innovative combination, able to improve significantly the social services provision.

In his blog at LB.ua Konstiantyn Koshelenko, the Deputy Minister of the Social Policy of Ukraine on digital development, digital transformation, and digitization, tells about the case management implementation in the field of social services.

“Case management – is a system approach to the management of a case, that is a structural service provision and support for the individual needs addressing.” – explains the Deputy Minister.

The Ministry of Social Policy keeps developing the UISSS to fulfill this approach. The project includes the creation of electronic cabinets for customers, social services providers, and case managers.

As UISSS developers, we are proud to be a part of this important and large-scale project. Electronic case management will help the social sphere specialists work more productively, and the UISSS will provide access to the completed and updated information for decision-making. It will facilitate the better quality and accessibility of social services for citizens. We will be able to observe a revolutionary shift in social services through this integrated approach.